Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sunny Sepúlveda

Gruffulo Magic At Scout Camp
Exploring El Parque Natural De Las Hoces Del Río Duratón
Tangled Up In Crafts
Follow My Leader
Owl Anya Transfixed By Manu
Little Scamps!
Uncomfortable Sleeping Postion No. 37
Autumnal Beauty
Wibbly Walking Stick
Sepúlveda Church
Those Skies Though
Catching Shadows
Larking Around
Gorgeous Sepúlveda From Above
Chili Pepper Alert! We're Almost Self-Sufficient!
Helping His Hermana With Her Homework

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

There's Nothing Like Noviembre

Nothing Like Spending La Almudena Hanging Around
One Contented Little Monkey

 Calming Trees     
White Furry Snuggles
Fabulous Magnum Exhibition At Fundación Canal
Love Me Some Photography
Cuatro Caminos
Homework Time
Transfixed By Blue Planet II
Daddy Cuddles
1st British Scouts Remembrance Service
St George's Church A Tope
Checking Out The Dude's Bearskin
Best Behaviour
With British Ambassador Simon Manley