Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Berros & Guindos

Fiestas Del Barrio Salamanca
Pre-Ballet Cafe Time

World Press Photo - Chess

Russian Life



Gymnastic Training In China

Bosco De Lobos

Favourite Plant Shop On Hortaleza

#MakeLoveNotWar Bandera

Lols With Mayra, Shayra, Tanya & Chloe

Snuggles At The Station

Shayra On Stilts

Off To Julia's Party At Micropolix

Blanca, Cristina, Eva, Olivia, Julia, David, Romero & Ry


Tour Of Madrid Moderno In Guindalera

One Of The Few Original Hotelitos

Iglesia De Santa Susana

Parque De Fuente De Quinto De Berro

Regaled With Pablo Neruda Poetry From The Guide

Tree Poetry

Stumpway To Heaven

Heading To Fuente Del Berro Colonia

Posh Chalets All Around

Parque Eva Duarte Concert

Singing 'Imagine There's No Countries' All Together

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Alicia En El País De Las Maravillas

Ms Hummel Swung By For A Tinto De Verano Or Two
Alicia's Still (Just) Taller Than Ry-Ry!

Mrs & Ms Hummel Ry Sandwich
Some Serious Braiding Action
Perfect Plaits

Uncle Mike In Town For Some Futbolin Fun

Tickle Time

Portrait With The Babysitters
Too Much Fun With AH, IP, Anthony & Bill
¡Silvia Se Casa!
Time For Anthony's Selfie Stick
Grass Installation To Celebrate 400th Anniversary Of Plaza Mayor
Cuddles On The Cesped
Not Quite The Green Green Grass Of Home

Brunch Time
Hanging With Ratoncito Perez
Plaza De Canalejas
Daddy's Got Our Backs
Happy Hour With Alicia
Helping Ry With Homework
Skating Skamps

Taller Than Her Now
Hilarious Munchkin