Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Awesome August

Off To Museo Cerralbo
For Some Over-The-Top Frescos
What Were They Thinking?

Crazy Chandeliers
Money Can't Buy Taste...

Pretty From The Outside At Least
And A Tranquil, Wild Boar-Guarded Garden

Fantastic Carlos Saura Exhibition

España En Los Años 50

Moving Stuff
Who Says There Are No Beach Bars In Madrid?

Anya Doing A Spot Of Flower Arranging At Gram's

Bibbling About At Belton House

The Artist In Her Studio

Happy Plants On The Terraza

Chili Plant In Bloom

Marvellous Mangirón


Pretty Plaza

Baby Cow Alert!

Scaling The Heights At Valdepeñas De La Sierra

Pontón De La Oliva

Is It Ayer's Rock? No It's Spain, Mate!

Don't Get Too Close To The Edge...



Stunning Landscapes


Covered Up Against The Blazing Sun
The Route We Were *Supposed* To Do...

Getting Some Rabbit Cuddling In

Pitching Up With No-No
Cute Casas En Calle Zabaleta

Hanging With Daph & Baby Lucia

Leica Expo En Fundación Telefonica


70s UK

Telefonica Building

3D Printing Exhibition

Up On San Anton Market's Terraza

Some Serious Vermouth Drinking


Go-Carting Ry-Ry

Speedy Gonzalez

We Want A Guinea Pig!

Driving Ms Anya


Rand Farm Slide Mania

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Wonders Of Wolves

Belated Celebration Of Auntie Rachael's 40th
The Obligatory Hello! Portada

Girls Dressed Up For A Night On The Town

Boys 'N' The Hood
Three-Generational Hug
Ry 'N' Rach
Silly Selfies

Bumbling Around Pendeford Mill Nature Reserve

Bicho Capturing

Den Building
Enjoying A Ramble
Shrewsbury #AlmostAsPrettyAsLincoln
Larking Around At The Castle

A Homage To Evolution #CharlesDarwin
What Passing-Bells For These... Wilfred Owen

Dinosaur Vertebrae?

Lovely Damp River Cruise
Matching Cagoules

Group Hug


Pretty Reflections

Stopping Anya From Opening The Door

Holding On Tightly

Has It Stopped Raining Yet?

The English Bridge

Blue Skies At Last!

Somebody Catch Her!

Catching Up With Flynne, Eva & Zach

Cry Wolf!

Cuddles At IronBridge

Getting Into Enginuty

Making A Pewter Medal

Sorting Out The Onions!

Balancing Tricks

Shooting The Breeze With Grandpa

Practising The Paso Doble

Cute Cuddles

Butter Wouldn't Melt...

Sticks Ahoy

Auntie Rachael Keeps The Muppets In Check

Wandering Wilburys

The Magic Faraway Tree

Early Birthday Treat For Anya

Tigger & Jessie!

I'm Sure It Will Be!

Sibling Harmony...

Got The Thingamabob Set, Anya?

Ready For Take-Off!

No Flies On Us!

Amelia Earhart Eat Your Heart Out!